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Ask the Experts: Halo™ Hybrid Fractional Laser


Ask the Experts: Halo™ Hybrid Fractional Laser

At APT Medical Aesthetics, we’re advocates of innovative and advanced skincare technology and trends.

In this edition of our “Ask the Experts” series, we’re taking a deep dive into the revolutionary Halo™ laser treatment—a procedure that’s redefining the path to radiant skin. Almost 10 years after its launch, Halo™ continues to be recognized as an absolute game-changer in the medical aesthetics industry and recently won the 2023 New Beauty award for Best Multitasking Laser. From the science behind its hybrid technology to the unparalleled glow it imparts, our experts are here to demystify the Halo™ experience.

Keep reading to find out the answers to some of the most common questions we get asked by our patients, including those about the benefits of Halo™ treatment for the face and potential Halo™ laser side effects.

Let’s get started!

What Does Hybrid Fractional Laser Mean?

Halo™ is the world’s first hybrid fractional laser. This powerful laser skin resurfacing procedure from Sciton combines ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to deliver deep dermal rejuvenation and epidermal renewal that no other treatment can offer. Simply put, Halo™ works its magic on both the skin’s surface and deeper layers, offering remarkable results with precision and less downtime than traditional resurfacing lasers.

What Skin Concerns Can Halo™ Treat?

The Halo™ laser is suitable and effective for most skin types. Due to its hybrid technology, Halo™ offers comprehensive skin rejuvenation by addressing a wide range of skin concerns at once including:

To learn if this is the right treatment for you, book a consultation with a certified aesthetic practitioner. They will be able to complete a thorough skin assessment and determine the best treatment plan that will give you the results you are looking for.

A close-up of a woman’s face showing brown spots, fine lines, and wrinkles

What Skin Types Does Halo™ Laser Work On?

Halo™ laser works beautifully on all skin types, from fair to dark.

Its customizable settings and dual-wavelength approach allow practitioners to tailor the treatment to each patient’s specific needs, ensuring optimal results without compromising safety, making it an inclusive option for a diverse range of skin types.

When it comes to treatment areas, the face, neck, chest, and hands are the most common, although other body areas may also be treated. The procedure is not recommended for people with active infections, open wounds, or certain medical conditions that affect the skin’s healing process. This could lead to complications as well as Halo™ laser side effects.

What Is the Difference Between Halo™ Laser and BBL™?

Halo™ and BBL™ by Sciton are two of the most popular laser treatments in the market today.

While both Halo™ and BroadBand Light (BBL™) target skin imperfections, they differ in their mechanisms and the concerns they primarily address.

BBL™ is technically not a laser. Rather, it uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to target pigmentation irregularities in the skin including brown spots, redness, and facial capillaries. This non-ablative energy works on the surface layers of the skin only and delivers noticeable improvements in skin clarity without downtime. Multiple treatments are generally required for optimal results.

In contrast, Halo™’s dual laser technology treats both the surface and deeper layers of the skin, where it can target textural concerns such as wrinkles and scarring. Also, unlike BBL™ the Halo™ laser is fractional, meaning it creates micro-injuries in targeted areas of the skin while leaving other areas intact to facilitate healing.

Although the two treatments are very different, Halo™ and BBL™ work extremely well in combination and are often done at the same time to maximize results.

How Many Treatments of the Halo™ Laser Do I Need?

The Halo™ treatment is designed to deliver significant and noticeable results. Some patients may benefit from a single session, while others may require up to three Halo™ treatments spaced several months apart. Ultimately, the number of Halo™ treatments you need depends on the nature and severity of the skin care issue being addressed.

Your aesthetician will determine this after a thorough consultation.

How Long Do Halo™ Laser Results Last?

Patients will notice a difference in the overall clarity and smoothness of their skin as early as one week after only one treatment. Improvements in skin texture will continue for several months due to post-treatment collagen-remodelling deep in the skin.

The longevity of Halo™ laser treatment results is influenced by factors such as individual skin characteristics, lifestyle, and proper skincare maintenance. For best results, it is crucial to follow post-treatment care instructions, including the use of daily sun protection. Once the skin has healed, maintaining an effective skincare routine using medical-grade products will enhance and extend your results so that you can enjoy the benefits of your Halo™ treatment for a considerable period of time. Because the aging process continues, periodic maintenance sessions may be recommended to sustain the optimal effects of the treatment over time.

What Are Common Halo™ Laser Side Effects?

The Halo™ laser treatment is generally safe and well-tolerated by most patients. However, as with any cosmetic procedure, there are some common Halo™ laser side effects that you should expect such as:

  • Redness and warmth in the treated area lasting for a few hours post-treatment
  • Swelling, lasting up to one week post-treatment
  • Flaking, peeling, or crusting of the treated skin for about a week
  • The appearance of microscopic epidermal necrotic debris (MENDs), which are tiny dark dots on the skin’s surface that shed as new skin emerges
  • Increased sensitivity to sun exposure and risk of sunburn

Less common Halo™ laser side effects include:

  • Temporary changes in skin colour, such as hyperpigmentation (darkening) or hypopigmentation (lightening)
  • Risk of infection

Most Halo™ laser side effects are mild and temporary. You can reduce them by following your clinician’s instructions before and after the treatment.

A woman applying UV sunscreen on her face to protect her skin

How Do I Take Care of My Skin After Halo™ Laser?

Halo™ laser treatments typically require up to one week of healing time, although most daily activities may be resumed 24 hours post-treatment. The exception is swimming, hot tubs, and saunas which should be avoided until after the skin has healed.

Immediately after the procedure, your skin will feel warm and appear red, similar to a sunburn. Beginning the next day, following a gentle skincare routine for a period of one week will calm the skin and facilitate the healing process. This includes cleansing the skin with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser. Do not rub, scrub, or exfoliate while the skin heals. Pat the skin dry with a clean, soft towel before applying a gentle moisturizer.

Like any laser-based cosmetic treatment, Halo™ can make the skin photosensitive. Therefore it is crucial to avoid unprotected sun exposure, including tanning beds, and use broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day to protect your skin during the healing process. Light mineral makeup may be worn 48 hours after your Halo™ treatment.

Is Halo™ Worth the Money?

Yes! This award-winning laser addresses a wide variety of skin concerns, is customizable, and is effective for all skin types. Many individuals find Halo™ worth the investment due to its versatility and ability to deliver remarkable results in fewer sessions compared to other cosmetic treatments.

The cost of Halo™ can vary depending on factors such as the clinic’s expertise, geographic location, and the number of sessions required. Check with your local medical aesthetics clinic for any ongoing promotions or payment plans they may offer to help with budgeting.

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Halo™ laser is revolutionizing the way we treat skin. APT Medical Aesthetics provides safe and effective treatments that can give you the dramatic results you desire.

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